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Our issue:

space for

art production,


work shops,

independant thinking and reflection

2022  kunst.remise started to work with the french                 46bis

2021  was dedicated to architectural issues and visions                about new life in the cities

2020  was dedicated to nutritional issues and questions,

            at least we started tink and work about

            consequences of the pandemic

2019  was dedicated to TAKE ALL past... and start for                      future (kunst.remise started to feature exhibitions              in other places)

2018  was dedicated to WILDWUCHS - growing wild –                    Auslese and travel impressions

2017  was dedicated to all what pleased us like natur,                    summer feeling, dada and love

2016 was dedicated to all aspects of brainstorming and                changing points of view - anders denken

2015 was dedicated to all aspects of nowadays heroes



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